Today’s junk, tomorrow’s collectibles.

When stereo was adopted and transistors became viable commercial propositions there was nothing as useless as a mono tube amp. Being both mono, and tube based, it managed to straddle the two technologies that had, to most folks, just become obsolete.

Most of these mono amps ended up in the dumpster and some are quite rare and collectible at this juncture. Many folks are buying, or selling, pairs of mono amps from a time before stereo. Try to buy a pair of Brook or WE amps. Even very pedestrian stuff like early Heath commands a hefty price.

So what about today’s obsolete tech? I am wondering if, long in the future, nostagia for Dolby Surround and it’s brethren will have folks matching up center channel speakers into stereo pairs. After all, today’s junk is tomorrow’s treasure and there are a million of them on Craigslist. 
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CD players are worth collecting (if still working) and priced low! I have 6 and 2 changers. CAL, Denon, JVC, Marantz, NAD, Pioneer. Changers: Panasonic and Sony SACD. Also Toshiba's first TOTL DVD player (plays CD's)! I'm sticking with one-box players. They sound just fine to me! All the hype about separate DAC's is to me so much blather!
Agreed as above,the CD and CD/SACD player is not going away anytime soon. Thank God.
Happy Listening!