Tok20000 is going pro

Audiogon Community,

I am no longer an amateur/reviewer in the audio world.

I have resigned from my reviewer post at Soundstage, and have taken on the responsibility of being a home demonstrator for Glacier Audio (

I made this commitment because I think the gear Glacier distributes is some of the best (if not THE BEST) available. If I was not totally blown away by Mark Gilmore's personal system (consisting of Glacier gear), I would not be representing Glacier.

Another company I have recently involved myself with is a startup company that is developing a hard disk based digital playback system. I am in charge of developing this product. We are not sure yet what this company will be called (in the end) or what the final product will be called (email me with questions or suggestions, heh heh), but I will say that the prototypes that I have built sound very promising. I am working on pricing the final product at a point where it will easily outclass digital two to three times its price. I will guarantee, it will change the way most people listen to digital.

From now on I will clearly state that I am a Glacier dealer in any post.


Keith Forrest
Glacier Audio
Monterey (Seaside), CA
Hello Keith and welcome back! It's good to hear from you again! Here's to hoping all works out for you in Houston.

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Keith, Good to see you posting, how's life been treating you? Shoot me a message when you get a chance, we should catch up!