If it's snowing, I'm going

Being an audiophile is fine passion, however skiing is what makes life worth living. A very good ski season is barely six months long, which is like only being able to hear your system for half the year, and look at pictures of it for the rest.

That’s what being a fanatic for the white stuff is like. And we’re at least as opinionated about piste/off-piste, resorts, skis, helmet’s etc., as any SET/SS argument. A-Basin and Loveland Pass opened last week. IT’S BAAAACK!

Is there a point here? Yes. A few months ago we had a thread that morphed into a discussion about the skiing obsession. It got deleted. I took notes of who you other guys were. I lost the book. I want to know who and where you are again. Anyone interested in Agon meeting on a chairlift at 10,000ft in CO, UH, BC, WA, CA, VT?

If you see a gold Maxima with “The Legend – Arapahoe Basin” license surround when you’re in Connecticut, wave, or give me the finger or something. Who’s ready for the season??!!
this guy is hilarious. But i whole heartedly agree that...if its snowing Im going
Sno man,

I was checking out a new snowboard last night. I'm generally a skier, but small midwestern ski areas around here are more fun on a board (the runs are too short for my skiing style).

I can't wait for snow! I missed last season with a new baby at home. Hopefully I'll ski/board some locally this year and get Jr. started skiing when he is 3-4 years old. That will be a new skiing adventure for me and hopefully it will help keep me young.

I can't wait to start taking annual ski trips out west with the boy and the wife!

Enjoy the season!

Good one on ya Snofun! I'm ready, I'm psyched, can't wait for the flakes to start flyin' at Stratton. If you see a dark green Xterra with a big Grateful Dead "steal yer face" on the back wavin' at you - it'll be me. Have a great year.
Rain on the valley floor today but skiffs in the Tetons above 9000'.

Snow King just started blowing snow at the base today. No action at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - the Village.

Two hour lunch breaks at the King during the week and the Village all weekend.

I drive a red Cherokee with a large Thule box on top. There are many like it in Jackson but mine has no stickers what so ever. I prefer the finger but the wave is cool too, a piece sign is utlimately my inherent style.
Pali - Did you say Pali? OK, I finally did Pali two years ago. While it may be blashemy (I love Vail), I look forward to some Pali action again this season.
I did say Pali :^) Great run. While It's been a few years since I've been to A-Basin, I remember it like it was yesterday. Nothing beats a day @ the Basin, finishing up with a few cold ones on "the beach!"

As for Vail, what's not to love. Blue Sky Basin is steller!

Enjoy the season!

My gift this year is a friend who just bought a home in Jackson. TIME TO FREELOAD!
This year's trip to Whistler-Blackcomb is already booked, so, if anyone sees a yellow and black blur hurtling out of 7th Heaven a week before Christmas...it'll probably be me.

Otherwise I'll be in VT, NY, or stuck skiing the crap they call slopes here in PA. ;)
Sounds like there's some things going on!
I have a client with a house in Jackson - "Boys Week" is mid-Feb.
I go to Whistler a lot due to having many customers in Vancouver -hope you can see something.
Blue Sky Basin, the bowls, Gandy Dancer - Vail.
The trees at Steamboat.
Aspen Highlands Bowl.

Last year I did 34 days with 19 of them in CO, or UT. A personal record that I'm looking to break this year.

Maybe we should have AGon patches for helmets.
My best year (01) is 44 days, all in CO between Keystone and Vail. Missed last year completely and have been in BAD withdrawal since August. (It usually hits while laying around the pool!) Can't wait!
Myraj aka JOHN aka HIGH SPEED CRUISER! (207cm GS Racing)
Snofun: I've been going up to Whistler every year for the last 9 or 10, so I know exactly what you mean about hoping I can see something. ; ) Up there it seems to either be whiteout or awesome-out. Grand views, if there are any at all. Late December sure isn't the best time to get them, though. It's usually snowing buckets with the wind howling like a banshee! Except last year. I think Ullr went on vacation last year. : )
Too bad I didn't find this until today :( I didn't have anything worth doing going on this weekend and might have gone for the helluvit.