Tone Arm Help for a newbie

Hello. I haven't owned a turntable or vinyl in 20 years and would like to get back into the game. Can somebody recommend some good tone arms to purchase that will break the bank? I will likely be using the tone arm with either a Linn LP12 or a Thorens. Thanks for your help.
I won't be the last to suggest a Rega RB-300, tweaked with one of the upgrade kits now available ( Origin Live, for example ).

I have an RB300 on my LP12 Lingo. It has been rewired with Cardas wire, the counterweight replaced by an Expressimo Heavy Weight, the stylus pressure spring removed ( so the arm is balanced statically, not dynamically ) and it is held by a Michell height adjuster for easy VTA changes.

For what it costs there is nothing better. This arm deserves its reputation as a giant-killer, and will do justice to a very good cartridge.
Used Origin Live Silver (about 550/600...rarely come up for sale)

rb300 with Incognito wiring upgrade and heavyweight....Expressimo is a good place to start...

used sme 3009...

used Grace 707
sota cosmo/lyra helikon/well tempered tonearm.sota refurbished/used helikon/used well tempered. lots of tweaking will keep you busy for awhile.
For a Linn LP12, I'd suggest a used Ittok LVII.

For a Thorens, try an older SME.