Tonearm Base Is Drilled for Which Tonearms?

I just bought a Clearaudio Innovation Compact turntable. It comes with one tonearm base. A second one would cost $350. lance681888 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China is selling on Ebay a 9” “Custom tonearm board for clearaudio” for $99. There is a photo of it on Ebay. Can someone here look at the photo and tell me which type(s) of tonearm(s) it is drilled for? Clearaudio’s tonearms normally use the Linn standard mount. If this tonearm base is drilled for a Linn tonearm, can it accommodate also other kinds of tonearms (without further drilling)? Thanks.
Look at Vinyl Engine and see if the mounting distance is the same or very close. Most Rega, Linn , Zeta arms all fit in same hole; Jelco 750 also I think. If all else fails you can have an armboard fabricated locally.
lance681888 drills the tonearmbase to fit the tonearm. Each is custom made. I don't know if he can be trusted to drill them accurately. One way around this problem would be to buy one of the tonearms he is selling and have him drill the tonearmbase for it. I just might do that.

But I'm interested, Stanwal, in your comment about having a tonearmbase made locally. What sort of company might do that?
Do you mean that if I brought them my tonearmbase, they might easily make a copy of it?

The other problem with these tonearmbases is that, according to the dealer, they work in conjunction with 20 mm. and 30mm. "pods" which (if I understood him correctly) have to be drilled along with the tonearmbase. I have not gotten my TT yet (will get it in a couple of days), so I don't know yet what these pods look like. Two 20 mm. ones will be used to set up the Clarify tonearm. I suppose they are used to make a rough VTA adjustment for the tonearm. I would appreciate comments from anyone familiar with these pods.
I was thinking about making a tonearmbase out of wood. Is that a bad (or ridiculous) idea? Thanks.
I would make the base myself. I have done this before and it is no big deal. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose !
Yogiboy, did you make it out of wood? Was it for a Clearaudio TT or something similar?
I made one for a VPI 19 and another one for older Kenwood Kd500. Yes I did make them using wood. I used the stock ones for a template and cut them .If you are not handy any homedepot will cut them for you. I also used a nice hardwood like oak or something in that order.
Hi Franz,I just took a look at your base. I made a mistake. I don't think they would cut that shape. But maybe a woodworker would do that. Find out before you take the plunge. Good luck!
Yes, Yogiboy, getting a second simple straight cut of wood at Homedepot has often overtaxed my limited powers of persuasion.
Yes, a woodworker could make the tonearmbase. I may try to do it myself, but don't have woodworker tools (other than basic saws and handheld drills) or skills. My second tonearm I plan to use initially just to play records in less than perfect condition. So an inexpensive tonearm and cartridge on an imperfect tonearmbase rough-out of wood would be sufficient for this purpose. Eventually I'd like to get good third tonearm quite different from the Clarify, one which I could interchange with the second inexpensive tonearm.
I think that would be a good move. As long as you don't need the same shape board. Hey why not give it a go! Have some fun.