Tonearms recommended for Oracle turntable

I am planning to order an Oracle Delphi MkV TT and would like to get some feedback from owners re: tonearms that mate well with it? Comments re: Phantom, TriPlanar and SME (including the oracle SME version) are especially appreciated.


Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
Dear Jim: Almost any tonearm could work with that TT. IMHO for you can choose the right tonearm first you have to know which cartridge(s) do you use or think to use with it.

Not all cartridges performs at its best with any tonearm ( including the ones you already name it here. ), you have to be very carefully with your choice of tonearm/cartridge combination.

My advise is that you go for a tonearm with universal removable headshell where you can/could achive or very near the best cartridge quality performance.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I installed the SME 345 on my Oracle Delphi upgraded to Mark V together with a Grado Reference Master cartridge from a Morch blue dot tonearm and the improvement was substantial for clarity and depth. I also installed an Audioquest Leopard connection from tone arm to phono pre amp which also made a huge difference.

I know the Oracle folks in Canada had SME develop the 345 specifically for the Oracle as they feel it is the most compatible tonearm for their TT.

Hope these comments help. I don't know anything about the other tone arms you mentioned so can't help in that respect.

I listen to classic all the time and this front end is perfect for me.