took my cover off my 'HW19

Took the motor board cover off my 'HW19. When I swithched from springs to sorbathane pucks it lowered the plinth and the pulley from the SAMA starting to rub against it. I suppose I could raised TT and put the cover back on, but what good to these cover's serve? None of the other VPI motors have covers. My belt rides a little higher on the platter, but so what? I've also heard these covers are just one more thing to vibrate. Doesn't look as nice, though. Any one have this experience?
The cover is purely decorative. I had a similar problem, but found that putting a couple of washers on the posts, underneath the cover to act as spacers did the job.

My '19 came with spacers under the cover. Raise the (stock) feet a bit to elevate the plinth. Of course, when they sell you these things, they fail to mention the problem...