Tool Fear Inoculum impressions

Who else thinks this is a masterpiece? Or, do you hate it? Your thoughts...
Today was my third listen and I have to say I truly like it a lot. Listening to it on my main system today with the wife out for a few hours was truly amazing. It really does need to be played a little louder than you normally would to hear and feel some of the details, but what a reward when you do.


I listened today with the 300wpc Mac amp and it really sang through the GE Triton Refs. The entire room was pressurized yet the meters on the amp were only averaging between 30 and 40 watts. It was so clear and right sounding. Thank you for the kind words.
My buddy just picked up two copies (LP's) at Walmart of all places. 
Great album! 
The affordable lp may never happen :(
its supposed to be a box set of one side records :(  
Has anyone downloaded/purchased the new Tool from HDTracks?
I'm even more interested in the sound quality of the original CD releases of Tool's catalog compared to the HDTracks. I like everything about Tool with exception to the strange equalization in production. The sound quality of APC is vastly different and I prefer the production on APC albums over Tool's. I like Tool more than APC; just wish it sounded better. I’m holding out on buying from HDTracks until I can reasonably expect it to out-do their CDs.