Top Notch Desktop System

I have been spending more and more time at my desk and am consequently listening to more and more music there. So I need a desktop music system which is really fulfilling. Here are the speakers I am considering in order of cost:

Tannoy Reveal 402
Revel M16
Mini Maggie
Audience The One V3
Bluesound Duo
KEF LS50 Wireless

The LSX, LS50W and Bluesound have the the advantage of being more of all in one type systems.

Depending on the speakers, I may add a sub.

Has anyone heard more than one of these speakers in a near field / desktop system? Any other speakers to add to the mix?

Even better is isoacoustic stands. I would be surprised if you needed DSP for near field. You should be getting a lot of direct sound being so close. 
Man, Sony just introduced the high tech SA-Z1 near field desktop speakers for like $7k.  I wonder if there is a market for those.