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Notes on Harbeth, Vandersteen, Avalon & Spendor
Funny to find this old thread as I traded in my pair of Avalon Ascendants for Harbeth 30.1s. Never looked back really, as the 30.1s provide the sort of depth, finesse and subtlety that I crave. Two caveats though: one, if I listened to loud head b... 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
More for my list: Martin Logan CLX [or CLS if they’re refurb] and especially the top ATC speakers. Never heard any ATC and have always wondered if they're worth $20K. 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Forgot to add, Tannoy Kensingtons and DeVore O/96! Selah and Salk, and even the top McIntosh too.  
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Maggie 3.7i and 20.7Quad ESL 2905 (is there a newer one?)Rockport LyraThiel CS3.7Harbeth 40.2Among mass-market offerings I’d like to hear the Polk Legend 800 to see if they really do what they claim. 
SACD with LFD/ Harbeth
I have always liked the cd layer of SACD's better than the SACD layer.What's the purpose of the SACD layer then? 
Harbeth Compact 7's
Some people swear by the tiny little P3s but I think Harbeth should stop making them. They cheapen the brand too much, and involve too many compromises. IDK, maybe for near-field desktop systems or something.The C7 is a great speaker so long as yo... 
B&W speakers sounding very harsh?
What sort of room treatments do you have in place? 
To Harbeth or not to Harbeth, That is the question...
Just to add, the old Monitor 30 is a far cry from the 30.1, 30.2 Anniversary and the latest 30.2 XD. If buying used, avoid the M30 at all cost as the sound is excessively shut-in, warm and thick with a severe lack in clarity and detail. Treble is ... 
Miles Dewey Davis
Everybody loved Miles "the person", not a single bad word did I discover about him. You definitely didn’t search very hard. A spectacular musician but a pretty rotten excuse for a human being. 
$7000 preamp vs $700 receiver - Is the difference THAT significant?
Why not just buy a used Mac for 3K instead of 7K 
Mcintosh xr 100 speakers
Old stereotypes die hard. 
The best looking speakers
i think the devore’s look pretty good.Be careful how you say that or you might wind up single 
Again the topic of weight of amps
Count me as skeptical of the notion that damping factors much over 200 are meaningful much less desirable. As with so many other things there are diminishing returns at best. In some ways, as hinted above, the yield curve reverses and as such I'm ... 
Miracles in Audio, by luck, by good choices,by design or by tweaking...
Thanks Carpathian. The trouble was I was looking on this site ( rather than the main site. That's why I couldn't find anything! 
Miracles in Audio, by luck, by good choices,by design or by tweaking...
Can someone tell me how to stop the incessant email notifications from this site? I’ve looked all over the site for almost half an hour now.Obviously I clicked on the link in the emails but it just takes me to my profile here. With no opportunity ...