Top Ten Rock Vocalists

Ok, for this thtead we are talking about Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Progressive rock. (male or female)
 Try not to think too hard, it can hurt your brain!
I will post mine later today😎
Of course, it just seemed curious is all. Thanks for catching my miss-spelling, oh and yes I agree about the tense. 

bdp241,294 posts06-01-2016 10:12amBrian Johnson was fine by me. But AR (I won’t even speak his name)?!

Don't speak. One pronunciation of such makes me sick(burp). ACDC is definitely out of my list now just like GnR. 
I have seen most of the artist mentioned, live. Robert Plant and Freddie are my first 2 picks but Joe Cocker was special with all his expressions.
Couple more:

Burton Cummings 
David Crosby
Chris Youlden
Paul McCartney

Really too many to list