sexiest sounding female vocalists?

ok what's your thoughts regarding the sexiest sounding female vocalist out there? Just discovered Diana Krall guess the picture on the cover of the look of love may have contributed to my feelings somewhat also.
NBC morning new's Ann Currie, leaves the rest of the news bunnys in the dust, when it comes to vocals ....

Although NBC's Katie Couric clearly wins hands down when it comes to women's footware.

Kit Hoover of Cold Pizza (sports) and Kelly from "Regis" run close seconds when it comes to women's footware. Where is Kathy Lee Gifford now.

I'm sorry, I was distracted, what was your the question (;-)
How about Claudine Longet's The Look of Love, anybody remember? I also like Astrud Gilberto's Girl from Ipanema.
Kehut, I have to agree that the new Jane Monheit CD is very good. I have a couple of her discs now. BUT sexy is another issue!?!

Nobody really comes to mind, but I have really gotten to prefer females vocals in the last couple of years.

I will be following this thread to find out who others think sound sexy. I'm not sure what the contributing factors to sexy vocals are though.
Going back a few years - Julie London - deep throaty voice - not bad to look at either. Fine if you like old pop music. Personally I like a little more upbeat jazz - of the newer singers I really like Rene Marie. Sexy, I don't know, but she has a great voice and style. If interested try Live at Jazz Standard on Maxjazz.
Christina Marrs of the Asylum Street Spankers. An underrated and underappreciated vocalist. Check out "Breathin" on "My Favorite Record", this track is one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard.
Ooh, Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde does it for me in a "whip me, beat me" sort of way.
hey davehrab, whats up with all the footwear comments?
seems a little freaky!
I don't know if they are the ultimate in 'sexy', but some of my favorites:

Uniit Carruyo
Patricia Barber
Christy Baron

I think it depends on the song each is singing in regards to how 'sexy' their voice is...
To be a jazz fan and you`re not hip to Shirley Horn -HERE`S
to LIFE.(shame on you) no one does it any better.
I just heard Marlene Deitrech (sp?) singing The Little Drummer Boy, from the 40's, a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty hot. Also remember Nena singing 99 Red Balloons in German from the 80's, hey maybe I just have a thing for german chicks.

Annie Lennox and Sade are at the top of my list, Wendy O Williams would be at the bottom...

I agree about Dietrich. Laura Nyro was pretty hot. But the sexiest number I ever heard was by--wait for it--Nana Mouskouri, on "Nana Mouskouri in New York," available today on Mercury CD and on vinyl reissue. The first track, No Moon at All, is quite warm, but the fifth, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, will have you remembering all the times your teenage girlfriend wouldn't let you go below the chest.

As a close second, try 'C'est extra' on Renée Claude's collection of songs by Léo Ferré, "On a marché sur l'amour". You gotta know French for it...
davehrab about the shoes check out Meredith Veira on who wants to be a millionaire
Mejames....Ann Currie does have a very sexy/sultry voice, she is a news reader on NBC morning news. I'm not sure of her singing talents.

Bigjoe...the only thing sexier than a set of 300b's glowing brightly is a leggy woman in 4 inch open toed pumps going over to shut the lights off. I hope that clarifies it for YA
Mildred Bailey had a sexy voice and really great style but, unfortunately, no looks to go along with it. That kept her out of the movies and stopped her from achieving the fame that many of her contemporaries gained in their complementary move to the Silver Screen.
For Me it's always Been Chrissy Hynde, althought I noticed that nobody has mentioned Brooke Burke (formerly with the Story) or Lady Day herself...
Here's a 6-pack that do it for me:
Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star
Margo Timmons of Cowboy Junkies
Julee Cruise "Floating into the Night"
Sarah McLachlan
Bonnie Raitt "Give it up"-indeed
Astrud Gilberto "Girl from Ipanema" & "Corcovado"-WOW!
I like a somewhat raspy voice, like Melissa Etheridge.

Gotta say though that Christina Aquilera's (SP??) strong pipes are pretty hot.

If only she would sing the blues....

Shirley Manson of Garbage

and Free Dominguez of Kidney Thieves

although, there are a lot of other great suggestions listed above.
I personally find female vocalist who try to sound sexy quite annoying. In many cases it's just a cover-up for a lack of talent. If you guys only knew what goes into the engineering process of recording, overdubbing, blending, pitch allignment,etc.; your queen might come off her pedestal in a hurry.
Highly subjective,of course.

Here are two who haven't been mentioned yet.

Sarah Vaughn and Maria Calis
MINNIE RIPPERTON.May she rest in PEACE.Blows away MARIAH...Cant forget the Queen of soul ARETHA.
Sexiest vocals is Christina Amphlett of "DIVINYLS", self-titled CD with the song "I Touch Myself". Her phrasing and breathing techniques make her sound as if she's having multiple orgasms throughout the whole album!

Best female vocalist is Annie Haslam of "RENAISSANCE".

I also think that Rachel Sweet has a pretty sexy voice as well!
2nd vote for Jenna Mammina AND adding Gabriela Anders, especially on "Wanting" cd.
Fatparrot, I forgot about Rachel Sweet. I actually saw her in concert 1970 something. It was great to see guys pushing to the front of the stage. She was wearing a little white peasant top (popular at that time), Wow, what a visual memory. Thanks, Fatparrot!
I'm on my way to listen to her first two LP's.
Gosh! I've fallen in love so many times? Here are three voices I've been smitten by...
1. Babel Gilberto
2. Morgana King
3. Carmen Lundy singing:All Day, All Night
I need your body to feel my body,
I want your body close to mine,
A little lovin'
Don't hurt nobody
I want your body next to mine.
All day, all night,
All day, all night,
Make love all day,
Make love all night...
My vote today would go to Margo Timmons -- I fell asleep on the couch last night listening to The Trinity Sessions
Katie Melua ,she sounds completing different.
Just fall in love with her voice.
And she doesn`t look bad either...