Torn between AAD 2001 & Krell Resolution 3 monitor

I have owned my AADs for for years and they are great at all ends of the audio spectum. I have been following speaker designer Phil Jones for years and owned his Platinum Solos prior to the AADs...may even look at his 7001s next. As I will now offer the AADs up for sale I may be forced to offer both for sale I am torn between the AADs and a pair of Krell Resolution 3s....the Krells are very nuetral but image & reproduce vocals at even another typical with Krell, the focus is a bit forward and very revealing. Yet somehow the AADs (also very revealing) do a better job in presenting the music in a more even fashion. Anyone tried the Krell Res 3 vs. AAD?...I can only keep one... the rest of my set up is Krell FPB 300c amp, Krell KRC3 pre, and Cary 306/200 CD, NHT Sub 2, Synergistic cables all around and Shunyata conditioner...
Thanks for your thoughts.