Torus or Furman power conditioners which is better?

Looking to upgrade my Shunyata PS8/Defender with either the Torus RM 15 or Furman IT Ref 15i . Which is better at filtering noise and producing better sound? Has anyone tried both and if so, which one did you prefer? I live in an apartment building so adding a new line is not an option. I' m thinking one of these would be a major upgrade compared to what i have. Thanks for any feed back.
System: Primaluna HP Integrated, Sony HAP1ZES, REL T9i Sub, NAD 758 HT receiver, Cambridge 752 Blu Ray Player, Wadia 171i transport, Sony XBR  850c LED TV and Comcast cable box. 

Furman was designed for studio's and pro use. It is as good as it gets. No fancy case or over the top claims like many in our hobby, no military, NASA, or medical secret design, just soild engineering with a predicted results. 
It’s all in the quality of the manufacture of the toroidal that acts as an isolation transformer. Look at the difference in price between the Q and R lines of Equi=tech. Torus uses Plitron toroidals, and Bryston uses Plitrons everywhere, as I think do some other brands.  Compare Torus products with Bryston BIT.
Torus and Bit are exactly the same except for the Bit face plate
which was made for Bryston
Also their later amps also have the Plitron transformers 
I have two Torus(20a+60a)both 240v 
Have had them for about 8yrs now and they are staying put