Torus power avr 20

Anyone familiar with this product?
Every so often a product makes a major boost in sound quality. The torus avr 20 really upgraded the sound of my system. I have tried many power products such as tice, shunyata hydra, monster, furman and none did actually anything to better the sound. I live in florida were the votage fluctuations are from 114 to 124 on a given day. The torus solved all these problems and results were way beyond my expectations.
I belive you, based on my own experience with upgrading wall outlets and power strips...but gee, these conditioners are truly expensive. The one you're speaking of is $4,300, and I was reading of one the other day that was almost $9,000. I know these are complex, labor intensive items to build, and it isn't their fault that I'm poor, I just wish that someday, these technologies could become more affordable, because they can make a huge difference in system performance.
For a lower priced option check out the Torus IS series which has all the same sound quality benefits without the voltage regulation or surge suppression.
I use the Torus RM 20 which provides 20 amps of power. I have my whole 2 ch system on it. using Parasound JC1,2,3 VPI Classic 3 drivng Maggie 3.7. RM 20 was major improvement. Does not have voltage regulation of AVR series, but I do not have voltage problems. So I save a little money. IS series is less expensive. See torus website for more info.
I'm between the RM20 and TOT AVR. The additional features within the AVR-series worth the upgrade?
fuzzfreindly, what did you decide on?  I am in the same boat trying to decide on the Tot max or the RM 15. Thanks Chris
I've got the AVR20 . It powers my entire system and results in totally noise-free ("black") backgrounds.

Enabled me to get rid of all the expensive Shunyata and Furutech power cables I had as they don't have any effect whatsoever downstream of the TorusPower unit - in that sense I can say that not only is it worth every single cent but also resulted in some savings :-) The only boutique power cable I now have is between the wall outlet and the AVR20.

My place also sees abnormally high voltages during day time hours so the AVR option was a no-brainer for me.
Late to the party, but is there a difference between the Torus RM15 and to TOT 15 other than price and size?