totem et al

I received a pair of Rainmakers recently and,I am seriously impressed. Similar in someways with the ERA d5. I have Silverline sr 11's and have been searching for Silverline sr 17 for sometime. My point in all this is; do the Totem Ones and their other monitors have the same detail, clarity etc. as the Rainmakers? If so I may be barking up the wrong tree looking for Silverline sr 17,s.
Your thoughts, please. Thank you.

PS how does Totem do it with Rainmakers with such small amount $'s?
Richard: Trust your ears. As for Totem, it only gets better as you move up the line.
I agree, they only get better. But keep in mind that Totem doesn't design speakers as lines i.e. Studio 20, Studio 40, etc. The design each speaker individually and they have different traits. They dont use the same drivers but different sizes in their speakers. It's hard to like one Totem and not the rest, but it's not a given.
All good points. My problem is that I have very little to actually listen to, so I'm buying unheard.Silverline sr 17 are very hard to come by, and, as I said I'm impressed buy the Totem Rainmakers. Quite simply, I wish to step up with one of them. I suspect Silverline sr 11, which I have, are similar to the 17's. I'm torn, either way were talking $$.
Both have a great sound.