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What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?
Silverline SR 17 (original) 
Silverline 17's
Yes, they are near mint. I was offered more than asking price, go figure. Putting them in a larger room and they came alive, again. Thanks for your comment. Take care. RH 
Two Channel HT
Thanks, Kr2. I'll have to get my NAD 7600 out of the closet, I guess.Thanks, again.RH 
Two Channel HT
Thanks, Kr4. Yes it works great as a 2 ch when surround is off. I do not want surround, simply speakers in another room operating as stereo. I do not have it hooked up to the TV, thus no screen instructions. I'm working and don't have the receiver... 
Of the two
Thanks. What would you suggest for a moderately used amp or receiver?I'm having an NAD 7400 reconditioned (pots etc. )any better, or should I scrap them for new or moderate price wise? I need direction as a novice. Thanks. 
What time do you wear?
Omega, lecoultre, Cartier 
NAD 7400
I alternate between pairs of Tetra 120u and Silverline minuet Plus. Thanks. 
What would you suggest as a receiver replacement? Thanks 
Thanks to all. I guess, ultimately, my concern was whether or not the NAD would the power to drive my speakers since HK has a higher WPC. I also have a mint NAD 7240 pe I bought decades ago, pre children.I'll have to take an afternoon hook up the ... 
Thanks, Arnettpartners. You comments were helpful. I live in an area that only has one hi end dealer with limited product line. I realize much is trial and error. Your remarks help note what to look for in sound presentation etc. Thanks, much appr... 
World's best small speaker?
There's no question about the little Silverlines, they're great, I've owned them. Just by chance I bought a pair of Tetra 120u's, they also deserve the best. Both very outstanding. Man, if I had choice...that's a tough one. 
Turn table
Thanks to all. I appreciate your comments.Richard 
What's your profession? Age?
Psychotherapist PhD / Professor (p-t)/ Buddhist Minister (student) 64yrs. I feel life slipping away as I write this....Zenith Reord player portable, bought on timeHitachi Recevier used, burned out bldg., used zenith speakersRadio Shack receiver, H... 
Best bookshelf speakers???
Tetra's 120U, Triangle Titus 202 are wonderful close to wall, if you can find them used. If you have placement flex, consider Silverline 11's (with Rainmakers). I own them all. If I had to chose, easy...Tetra's have the greatest flex and sound gre... 
Cables in question
Thanks Lowrider. Advise taken.Richard