Totem Forest or Hawk -Help

I am intested in purchasing a pair of Forest or Hawk
speakers. Speaker placement is not very optimal in the
room. Room is 13x15,with 11' vaulted ceiling. Speakers will have to be located on the 13' wall, with
one speaker in corner and one next to a bookshelf.
I don't have room to move the speakers out into the
room though. They will probably be placed with only
about 12" between front wall and rear of speaker, 6-10" from sides.
Equipment is McIntosh MC252 amp (250W, SS) and C-42
preamp. I am currently using B&W CDM7NT speakers,
which I don't have a problem with, just want to get to
a higher level, more refined sounding speaker.
Thanks for any help.
Both are awesome speakers. Go for what you can afford and enjoy it. I have the Hawks in a room not a lot smaller than yours and they're wonderful, full, quick speakers. The Forest will be a little "fuller" but maybe not as "tight".
The Forest is the most versitle speaker in Totem's entire line-up and can be paired with a huge variety of electronics and can faithfully reproduce nearly all sorts of music with ease.

The Hawk, while not as versitile - is a ridiculously good speaker when treated right. The McIntosh gear that you own would work well with either speaker as the Hawk tends to enjoy equipment that does not pose high damping factors. The Hawk can also be placed closer to the walls than the Forest.

Out of all Totem products, dollar for dollar - The Hawk is perhaps the greatest value and definately makes my recommended list, for whatever thats worth.
This is a tough one. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I own the forests, and my best friend owns the Hawks.He uses tubes with his and I use SS amp and tube pre. The forests will play louder but the Hawk has some magic in them. With the room size you have I believe I would go with the hawks unless you like to listen at higher levels, then the forest would be the way to go. Good luck.
Based upon my speaker placement, see System photo, would the Forest or Hawk give me the best overall results?
I have no problem driving either of these,have plenty of power.
Are you really that restricted from moving the speakers forward? I don't think you are going to get any more than 50% out of any speaker stuffed in the corner and cubby hole like that. I have long enough cables to move my Mani-2's out into the room when I want to do some serious listening. Can you do the same? I would say that is more important than which speaker. You probably will not get much bass response from a totem in the corners like that.
I can probably get the speakers about 16-18" from front wall. Can't do much with the sides. I probably could roll them out on the "Claws" when doing serious listening. I'll have too play around with the position.
Don't the corners re-enforce the bass? Actually my B&Ws sound pretty good where they are. Bass isn't boomy.
In about a year I will be able to re-arrange the room to my liking.
I may have to live with compromised sound until then.
I agree that Hawks would be better in a relatively tight space. The smaller driver and reduced cabinet volume will make a big difference in terms of tight sound and reduced boominess.