Totem Mani-2 and Counterpoint SA-5000 Pre

How do you feel about the combination of Mani-2 and SA-5000? I have both, but I am not tried the combination because SA-5000 is used for Harbeth Monitor 40.

I will try the combination, but I am concerned about a power amplifier.

Could you recommend a power to create big, deep, tight bass?

Speakers : Totem Mani-2 Signature
Pre : Counterpoint SA-5000
Power : ????
CDP : Goldmund Eidos 18 SACDP

i use a classe 200 watt amp with my mani's. sounds very nice. 200 watts are the minimum watts i would use with the mani's. i have also hooked the mani's up to 1000 watt monoblocks and they sounded fantastic. they filled a larger room with ease. my plan is to buy 1 more 200 watt classe and run them in mono mode, 700 watts. that should do the trick.
The general consensus around here is that 200W is the minimum entry point for the Mani-2. The Signature is easier to drive than the original, but that 200W floor still seems to exist.

You will find many people that run these speakers with less power and are happy, but once they hear it with the additional juice they realize that it is a completely different speaker - one without compromise that competes with all but the very best floorstanding models.

There are many power amps that fit with the Mani-2. Simaudio and Plinius are a common match. I've run mine with both the Bel Canto ref1000 and now Nagra PMA. In the $2000-2500 range, it would be tough to beat the Bel Canto monoblocks.