Totem Power - Model 1 Signatures

Two questions:

1. What rears match up best with the model 1 signature fronts and center if i am mainly listening to home theater (with music I am mainly just using the front two channels)?

2. Is my integrated Marantz SR7002 receiver enough to drive the Model 1 Signatures or is that a bad match? I was told that I should be using a preamp and amp for best results.
i own these speakers, also the arros. since both are revealing, particularly the mod1, the better front end, the better the sound. consider a used power amp, over 100wpc, and a tube preamp, i find they really give a nice sound in the right room.

it's always a subjective "better", but you can get different sound.
the marantz will not do your totems justice. get a good amp/preamp combination that has a passthru so you can hook your marantz up but have the better sound of the separates. i hooked up my yamaha rxv1 to my model 1's and then my mani's and it was terrible compared to my audio only setup.
Can someone please recommend an amp/preamp or combination that would power my Totem 1's. I am not impressed with the Marantz SR7002 I am using. What should I get with a $2000 budget. Thank you!
try a classe ca-200 amp and a classe cp-60 preamp. that is what i use for my totem mani 2's. another good pick would be a macintosh mc-252 with their 200 preamp.