Totem Rainmaker or Dynaudio Excite 12 or Kef Q900

Trying to decide on the three above. Basement room with 7' ceilings. 20' deep by 14' wide with a stairway. I can get the Kef on discount so it'll be the cheapest of the three.

Parasound power amp, kimbre cables, integra pre. I have NHT Classic Threes now and want to switch it up. Listen to mostly audiophile recordings with an occasional rock. Some movies but not concerned with that.

Speaker needs to be visually appealing also.
Thanks!!! Pete
Late response but maybe it will help someone else. I auditioned seven different stand mount speakers last year, and the Rainmaker and Excite were the best sounding in my system. You can't go wrong with either one. I bought the Rainmaker because the Excite was a little too detailed and forward sounding on some songs, while the Rainmaker was more forgiving with my system (Sonos>Rega Dac>Naim Nait XS). I also much preferred the slim profile and rounded corners of the Rainmaker to the chunky look of the Excite speaker.
Stereophile has a full review with test results of the Q900 here.

At this price range, however, for a column to compete with a stand-mounted speaker, I recommend you also consider the Monitor Audio Silver RX6 ($1250/pair) and RX8 ($1750/pair). They are about as free of panel resonances as mini-monitors and have proprietary ceramic/magnesium drivers that are quick and open. Also quite linear with taut, musical bass.
Also note that that Stereophile review of the Monitor Audio RX6 includes a brief comparison to the Dynaudio Excite X12. They are the same price.
Naim and Totem is usually a great match. Not surprised they work together for you. Enjoy!
If my budget was $1200, I'd get the Monitor Audio Silver RX6's, no question.And
I'd either power them with the Naim or sell both amps and get a Marantz