totem winds any info

i heard and fell in love with the new totem winds. in fact i just ordered them. but i cant seem to find any real info on them anywhere. so just looking for anyone that has them or knows alot about them. im trading up from dali helicon 400 mk2.
I heard them over the weekend. Loved the sound. Great speakers.
They are most likely not as resolving or detailed as the Dalis but they are still very coherent and nicely balanced top to bottom. Very musical and engaging. Can play loud without strain and are very good for long listening sessions. The sound they produced did not cause any kind of fatigue. I wouldn't hesitate about the purchase. Enjoy!
I don't know how much of a significant step up the Winds will be form the Dali's. I agree with Audiphile1 about the sound of the Winds, but I think they'll be more of a lateral step. I would say hear them yourself if you can, as I'm sure audphile1 would ;)
few more things I'd like to add to the discussion:
the Winds will probably appear to you, at least initially, as having bolder sound with bigger bass impact.

Dali MS4 and MS5 that I have heard(I'm sure your 400MkII share same Dali house sound) have very fast and articulate bass. They do go plenty deep so the extension of the bass is not what I am talking about. It's the flavor of the bass. Dali have the kind of bass that is fast and impresses you with its definition and detail. Kind of keeps you on your toes.

The bass of the Winds will most likely appear to blow you away with quantity and in comparison to the Dali may sound a bit bigger, slower but will probably have greater impact.

I also think that the Totems do not give you that clear of a window on the recording. Dalis do.

Two different sounding speakers.
Both the Dali and the Totems are outstanding though.

As I said before, i wouldn't hesitate. I'd be happy with either speaker.

By the way, what amplifier are you going to use with the Winds?
the amp i will be using are mcintosh 501's mono. and my preamp will be either my shindo montbrison or i just purchased a mcintosh c2300 that i have yet to open. now i have to say after my second listening i think the winds are more detailed, more of a sound stage. they both disappear wonderfully, but the winds give you more depth, you hear more in the far out corners, they are very crisp detailed not fatiguing at all. they both are wonderfull, really, i am selling my dali's even though i only have about 15 hrs on them. i demo the winds with the same set up in the store as i have at home, (monbrison, esoteric dv60 though the amp was a mcintosh tube, 2275 i believe. also heard the winds with a air amp and conrad. you are right, dalis bass is very quick, and deep, it does catch ou off gaurd because you dont think it could come from that speaker, where the wind, is full deep, more gurth, i
i dont think it is a lat move, because they are so different. the winds are little more at 8500 to the dali 7000. so its a tuff spot. though i'll tell you who ever buys my dali's will get one hell of a deal, since im sellinng the center with it. and they are beyond mint.
you should be fine with MC501 and Mc preamp.

my only issue with the Winds is that they have no grills. I have a curious little boy running around(although he's been good and he respects the stereo system and knows there are concequences if he breaks something), so having speakers with no grills is just a timebomb. I know Totem offers grills, but they are velcro grills and I would hate to have something glued to the speaker cabinet.

Anyway, enjoy!
I would say don't do anything rash. Both are great speakers, but if you only have 15 hrs on the Dalis, and they were new, you're not anywhere near hearing them broken in. The winds wouldn't sound that good with those hours either. a difference of $1500 isn't a huge difference. I think Audphile would agree that you need to let something break in before deciding it works or not. In some ways I prefer the Helicon 800 to the MS4's, and in some ways no, so I don't think it's about price. Let those puppies break in, then bring home the winds and AB in your system, that's the only way to hear them.
I think he already has the Winds at home.

I'd run the Totems for 100 hours and then return to Dali, run them for 100 hours and then switch to Totem. neither pair is fully broken in. Too early to judge anything.

Also, remember, that when switching between speakers, give the speakers some time to settle. Like amps, preamps, etc. they also take time to warm up.

I'd be curious to know in detail how the Winds compare to Dalis in your system.
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It should be noted, that Tvad is a Topstick dealer, so nice shill!


I didn't realize he had both at home. Would love to hear both side by side. My guess is that Audphile is drawn to the Winds because, if I'm not mistaken, of the Dynaudio drivers?
Mimberman, LOL. No.

I liked them for what they are, which is easy to listen to, musical and satisfying.

Few things I didn't like about the Winds - they do not have the resolution I am looking for, they are not as precise as I would like and not as quick. This quality is both good and bad.

did you compare them to the new dali mk2 400? to me the winds give me more of a stage. now the dalis are very clear, crisp. and very quick. but the winds ive noticed, on a few drum solo's they hit the toms right on, and i am a drummer. crisp, and quick. also i find the winds tweeter to be set up just right. and i do love the ribbon from dali, i was taken off gaurd with how much i liked the winds tweeter. now i never really listen to dynaudio before so this is my first time with their driver set up. The one thing i really like about the winds is they are very differnt. totem does not even push them. and they are his best. alot of work goes into them. also, its not a me too speaker.
Congrats on your new Winds you will love them. I have just received mine also a mth ago but was not suppose to receive them until October. Make sure you have received the newer model with the new cross over. I wasnt even aware of this until my dealer told me that he pushed totem to make sure my winds included the new cross over as they were not suppose to be ready until October for delivery. I have had my winds for a mth now and they just keep sounding better as every week goes by. Enjoy!
I only heard DALI MS4 and MS5.

Yes the drums will have more meat on the bone through the Winds.

Dynaudio makes great drivers. But their Esotar tweeter is probably the best tweeter I heard.
why do you think more people do not know about the winds? like i stated before i know they are very difficult to make, and they do not push to make more. its about a two month waiting list to get them, and they are only in canada. its just i listen to alot of speakers. and i went back and forth. i loved the hanson knights. i came as close to getting these as handing my credit card to the dealer. the sophia's i like alot but they would be to much for my room, sonus 20 thousand pair, the wide ones, i forgot the names, really opened up after they broke them in at the store. but once again to big. then all of a sudden the winds came in. and i was really blown away. for me they had everythign i wanted. and didnt kill you on the price.
hey maverick,

i choose the cherry, because i will be keeping my dali helicon w200 for the rears, might as well match them. just a eye switch, because the dali center is so big, and the center for totem, the cin seris. 1 is no where as big. but totem just makes three centers. and this was their best one. what color did you get
If you click on my system you will see i got them in maple. I went back and forth for a long time between the cherry and maple and decided to get them in maple as my fireplace wood trim is in maple aslo. I have no regrets whats so ever i think they are beautiful in maple and look just as exquisite as the cherry. You will love them in cherry they are the best 2 choices i believe in there line up.
have totem winds a year now , once broken in , even better sounding , all hooked to mbl equipment front end , and cj monoblocks , and to seperate power conditioners , very easy listening , especially if you love jazz, you have to spend a lot of bucks to get a lot better sound