Touch up rust spots in black steel speaker stand?


I purchased a pair of Osiris speaker stands for use with a new pair of Merlin TSM monitors.

Considering that these stands haven't been manufactured in over a decade, the ones I got are in amazing shape, but there are some very small rust spots around the base of the vertical pillars, and I'd love to touch them up if I could.

I was thinking of perhaps removing the rust with some fine grit sandpaper, and then repainting with some flat black model enamel.

Anyone else done this sort of touch up job? Any hints?

I just bought a used pair of Sound Anchor stands that need a little touch up, too. The paint is a little grayed out so rather than touch up I'm going to clean them and then rattle-can the entire stands with some textured black paint that I got at the hardware store and then they'll look brand new all over. I got the paint to touch up my motorcycle where I ground off the side reflector mounts on the saddlebag frames. The textured paint is very black and looks really good. A lot more work than touch up but they will have a very uniform finish when I'm done.
Before you sand, it may be superficial rust. Have you tried cleaners on the spot. If anything take a small dab of WD40 and that can sometimes lift the rust off while coating the exposed metal and preventing it from rusting. If there is any area left without paint you may be better off to paint the whole stand with a light coat of matching paint.As mentioned above.
Along theo's lines, a dab of rust reformer (various brands, should be at the hardware or auto stores) should do the trick. They make it in spray cans and jars. Get a jar and use a q tip. It turns black, you may not need to top coat it.
I have touched up some minor dings on a black amp with Sharpie marker pens. Same thing with piano black speakers.
I used Naval Jelly on some Target stands that had been stored for several years to remove rust.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Stanwal: I went to Lowes to see what they recommended. I looked at Naval Jelly but the packaging said not to use it on painted surfaces.

6550c: I've used the "Sharpie" method, too, for scratches on black metal. Works great, actually. But this is a bit of rust.

Bizango1: The textured spray paint sounds wonderful but I've never worked with spray paint before and I'd be concerned about drip marks. Is that a problem?
No problems with drips as long as you are patient and don't spray the paint on too thick.