Transfer of music from Sooloos to iTunes

It is my understanding that sooloos outputs music in a wav PC format. I have an iMac and iTunes (latest version). Can I download sooloos library music into an external hardrive that is currently formatted for Mac iTunes?
Why not call Sooloos and ask them? Get your answer straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. I'm pretty sure Meridian kept on everyone, and the Sooloos customer service is really top-notch... I got a call back once on a Sunday to answer a mundane question about playlists!

BTW the Sooloos rips CDs in FLAC...
I have a Sooloos Ensemble system with three 1Tb drives "on line" and the same in back-up. The old version 1.x software would allow you to export the FLAC files in MP3, WAV, etc. The new 2.x version of software allows only export via MP3. Major step backward in my opinion. I know others will disagree with me, but I feel that Sooloos product quality went down hill when they were purchased by Meridian. I've have a number of issues with my units and the new software and based on that, I do not have a favorable opinion of them at this time. This may change depending on their resolution of the problems I sent them on 10/13/09. However, they still have the best user / music file access interface available. I just don't like the rest of the product at this time.
Here is an update to my 10-13-09 response. The same export problems appear to exist in the latest V2.x as were in V1.x softare based on my lastest MP3 export attempts. Note there are no other export options with the SOoloos V2.x software. I have about 36K songs loaded and the best I could get out the damn export program into iTunes was 21K. Same problems I saw in V1.x software that forced me to "upgrade" to the POS V2.x. If you haven't bought s Sooloos. Don't. Buy something else.
Version 2.1 of the Sooloos software supports configuring what they call the 'export format'. You can pick mp3 constant bitrates or vbr quality levels, same for aac, or choose none at all.

They also have this new export thing that works via their desktop software to export your files to a folder or to itunes. You can send the flacs from cd rips to a folder or you can send the lossy stuff to a folder or itunes.

It supports multiple export locations too. I have one setup for my iphone and a different one setup for my wife's.

It's been working well for me. Sadly, marking tracks for export is only available on the Control 10, but they told me they are working on adding it to the desktop software.