Transparency/Nuetrality: Creek,Bryston,Musical F


Creek's class a Intergrated...

Bryston b-60(which i have heard)


Musical fidelity intergrated(a220? used)...

at any rate...looking for classic Brit inspired sound...musical,transparent, and fairly nuetral...$1500 range...also ...load is a stable 4 ohms...thanks...maybe Musichaven Mambo?
What sonic signature are you looking for?

If you're looking for musical, you might consider Rega gear as well.

I've found British gear to generally be quite musical, not nuetral and transparent at all.

One thought - "musical" doesn't really reside in the same camp as "transparent and neutral". Musical implies warmth and PRAT. Transparent and neutral are true to the original recording (warmth and PRAT are only revealed if they were captured in the recording).

BTW - this is only my opinion; I'd enjoy hearing the opinion of others.
I loved my B60 with soliloquy speakers.

I was quite underwhelmed by the Creek.

MF gear is okay, but I have not heard this integrated.

I'd go with the bullet proof warranty of the Bryston!

Good luck!
I've heard all of these integrated amps, and it's true that each has somewhat different sonic signatures. If I were going to buy an integrated amp today -- at least one with a "reasonable" pricetag (by high-end standards) -- I'd buy the new Bryston B100-SST. It has more power than the older B60, better circuitry, and is (IMO) more neutral. Not to mention the great 20-year, unconditional, transferrable warranty!

For more info about the new B100-SST, go to this link:
Bryston is tough to beat for the $$, but M-F is tough also!! I run a newer M-F Preamp with mono EVO2's = neutral and awesome. Ran a Krell Integ. before and would do a M-F before a Krell again. Too revealing for me, good equip Krell is (Yoda speak). Thought about Classe??? they may have what you need.