transparent mm1 vs mm2

The transparent mm2 is supposed to be the better cable of the two. But what a about a mm2 cable compared to a mm1 cable, but the mm1 is hire up the line? Ultra mm2 compared to a reference mm1. The reference is just above the ultra in the line. Which one would be the better choice?
According to Transparent a MM2 should be better than a MM1 that is one level higher, but not two levels. I preferred the Super MM1 to the Ultra XL with both speaker cables and IC's and ended up with a full set of Super MM2.
They are all good cables. I think JL35 said it right..if you can go 2 levels up...then MM1 might be a bit better....but one level up the MM2's are hard to beat...

Now some MM1 cables have some nice used pricing...and they are upgradeable...Super and Ultra are killer good cables for the $$'s...
I concur. These are outstanding cables/cords at any level/price. Pick up some MM1, used, and enjoy the music!
Thanks for the info-Still not sure if I should go with the reference mm1 xlr or the ultra mm2 xlr?? the mm2 ultras is cheaper.
I upgraded from Ultra MM1 to Ultra MM2. It seems the music has more clarity and transparency.

Funny thing - At first I thought it was awful, but then noticed that the settings on my Marantz SA7S1 CD player were changed. I must have accidentally switched them. When I changed them back, the sound was awesome. So there is a difference. With MM1 I didn't notice the filters on my CD player were set incorrectly.

I would upgrade again, if I was given the choice today.
68pete, depends if you plan to upgrade down the line..if so, I'd get a the Ref mm1, if you don't switch out much...go for the Ultras...

Just fyi, I've reconfigured my system and need 1 less set of interconnects...I've traded in 2 sets of Ref XL MM2 RCA for one Ref MM MM2 xlr and one Opus RCA. Anyway, when the new cables show in 2 weeks from my dealer/transparent, I'll have a Ref MM2 XLR orphaned (they are the hi z solid state output setting). I'll be posting them here...
Its been a while since I started this thread. I have up grade my speaker cables from transparent ultra XL to transparent reference mm2 and wow big changes for the better. I then a little later upgrade my xlr interconnects, was using a Time Portal reference xlr from the disc. player to the pre pro and a transparent xlr ultra mm1 from the pre pro to the amp. Trade the ultra in on a reference mm2 xlr. Put that between the disc player and pre pro and moved the Time Portal down between the pre pro and amp. The change was not as big as from the speaker cable change. the base was much better, the inner detail was just slightly better but not as musical-a slight loss(was hoping for much more)The xlr mm2 only has about 45hours on it now will give it some more time. Thanks all
Hi all, just purchased new transparent interconnects and used mm1 speaker cable. Are there any burn in time with the new interconnects, because at first they sounded Great then a couple of days later lousy. Now it seams it's comming back again, what's up?
hi, i am seeing this options: Super mm2 speaker and Ultra mm1.
here in my country i haven't possibility about try. which can be best choice ?
I have owned many of their MM1 and MM2 cables including Gen5 and I can say that they have gotten more warm sounding but at the expense of openness and upper frequency extension/air.
According to Transparent, Super MM2 should be better than Ultra MM1. I had the Super MM2 and it is an excellent cable.
So the Super Gen5 equivalents to Reference mm1?
How is their sounding diff from each other?
Someone here mentioned that the newer Gen5 sounds more... warmer than the older mm1 and mm2?