Transrotor Fat Bob S or ZET 3.1. Differences????

I'm taking the plunge soon and have considered Musical Life, Thesis and TW Acustic Raven One. I've been looking at these Transrotor tables to mate with a new Triplanar arm and Shelter 5000 (or 7000) cartridge. Anybody out there with experience that can explain the physical and sonic differences of these two tables, or even better, with the arm and cartridge? This will be my last table purchase and I want to get it right.
Last turntable purchase, wow, I did the same thing a few years ago when I purchased the Transrotor Apallon. In Germany there is almost a cult following for the Transrotor Fat Bob S, it can be modded way beyond the standard configuration. The Raven is also a new contender of getting high praise both in Germany and in the states. It would be difficult to choose fom either one if you did not get a chance to hear them or demo them for yourself. I have heard both at different audio shows and dealers and would narrow the choice to those two models, they sound almost the same to each other. The Zet 3.1 appears to me to be more bling bling.
Good luck.
When you say the Fat Bob S can be modded, can you explain and post a link where you are reading about the German following. Much thanks!
The Fat Bob uses the TMD magnetic bearing system, whereas the Zet has a traditional bearing. Theoretically, the TMD bearing should be quieter at the vinyl groove.