TRAVELING TO JAPAN! Recommendations for shops for cartridges?

Hi all,


I'll be traveling somewhat unexpectedly to Japan this week. I will be spending a couple days in both Kyoto and Tokyo. 


I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for shops I should stop into? Record Stores? 

Specifically i'm seeking a new cartridge under $1500 along with records and cds.

I'm good with both new and vintage cartridges that would pair with with a VPI Prime Scout. 

As for what kind of sound I'm looking for from my cart, I've only ever run the Ortofon 2m Bronze and Black on the VPI, both of which I've liked. Between them I prefer the detail, space and speed from the black over the warmer rounded edges of the bronze...but it could be fun to get two carts with different sound signatures. I'm all ears!

Thank in advance!




And yet, the vast majority of all cartridges are made in Japan or elsewhere in Asia,


Do you have any data or just guessing? I'm going with guessing.

Ortofon is the largest in the world

Rega is made in the UK

BUT... this debate is really pretty stupid. You made a claim you can’t back up yet you steadfastly stand by it. And I can’t completely refute it, but in any case, you can’t back up what you said so why do you keep defending it ?


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so back to the original question. You also need to consider the compliance of your arm.

You say you are using MM cartridges so do you have a phono stage that  can handle the moving coils some are recommending? If the phono stage can take an MC, does your system have enough gain to work with a much lower output MC than your current MM? 


it's a system


Thanks @herman! i do have a phono stage that can handle lower compliance and adequate gain for the few cartridges suggested so far. 



Look for DS Audio optical cartridges. I have the entry level DS E1. FANTASTIC.

+1.  It's in a totally different price class than Nagaoka, and needs a proportionately top shelf system to really be heard, but I've heard the DS W3 on a great rig, and it's performance is something special.

Herman, why are you so agitated? Maybe I’m wrong. So what? The statement is totally inconsequential. No need for conniptions. It would be hard to prove or disprove because many brands outsource their cartridges. If you want so badly to be right in saying I’m wrong, I give. You’re right.