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My First Stereo. What Was Yours?
First real system was in1982 ... Technics SA500 receiver (55wpc), driving a pretty good pair of Mariah LS-2 speakers. It had a cheap TT with a Shure cart as a source, Teac cassette, and a BSR EQ.  Not too shabby for a starter when I had no idea wh... 
Is tube sound vs solid state easier to distinguish using headphones?
After owning Hafler, NYAL Moscode,B&K, Mitsubishi, and Discrete Technology separate amps,as well as many receivers and integrated amps, my view is that it’s pretty easy to tell a good tube amp from a solid state amp with good speakers without ... 
Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
Get one with a digital output so a better DAC can be added at some point. Denon has worked well for me, but all can benefit from new drive belts and lube  
Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
Get a player with digital output and add a DAC. Topping E30 with a Denon has worked out well for me  
The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration
I always liked this design option. If the.crossover point is low enough and the driver centers are close enough, comb filtering shouldn't be an issue.  Always many variables in play, and pros and cons to each design choice.  
Do you trust your ears more than measurements?
I'm assuming and hoping the manufacturers of my equipment do some measurements but there is no reason for me to do any at home.  I setup by ear the way I prefer it.  I definitely spend some time doing that.  Listening is a skill. Hone stand learn ... 
Do you trust your ears more than measurements?
Absolutely - 100%, but I do use long term listening when making decisions.  Listening is how I experience music through my system, and how I determine what sounds best. Even if what I like doesn’t measure how someone else prefers, it’s still what ... 
Absorbing traffic noise with Helmholtz resonators (video)
Pretty cool stuff! 😎  
Use of Y connector rather than passive preamp
My RCA splitters are the solid male to two female types....no clue if they're better or worse than Y-adapters, but they're working and sounding great. https://www.amazon.com/CESS-Splitter-Plug-Adapter-Female/dp/B015407KMQ    
Bi-amping Polk 50 monitors with Onkyo receiver
It’s hard to say, because every situation is unique, so what worked well in one setup is likely to work out differently in another. Most AVRs aren’t ideal for bi-amping, but you never know til you try. All you need is another set of wires, and it’... 
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
Having you consider making or buying some pedestals for them that would widen the base and help secure them?  
Change Revel BE driver color to black?
Beryllium is an expensive, lightweight, very hard material that's great for tweeters.  I’d expect paint to add mass and change the sound, sort of defeating the purpose of choosing BE over other materials.  Don't do it.  
How does bi-wiring work?
@davetheoilguy  The main advantage I have found of bi-wiring is the maid occasionally deep cleans the house and somehow manages to unplug very secure connections. She pulled one of the negative cables to my B&W 800 out and I didn’t notice f... 
20 Years?
Value of a preamp?
A good tubed preamp will greatly enhance your sound period. There are always lots of a variables, but that was certainly the case when I upgraded. I’m sure technology has progressed since then, but the move from a Hafler DH100 to a Lazarus Casc...