tri-wiring w/ Canare 4s11

I'm recabling my tri-wiried Alons on the cheap - the stock cables were picking up a radio channel.

However, "biwired" Canare 4s11 (which I'm planning on using) terminates each of the 4 strands of wire in a cable while the third run of cable combines two of the strands. I need to have a run of each since I'm triwiring - will this uneven gauge deliteriously affect the sound?

Run one cable using all four strands for the woofers. The other cable can be divided in half for the mids and tweeters i.e. two conductors for each. You shouldn't have any problems with this whatsoever. Just make sure to alternate polarities within the jacket i.e. pos, neg, pos, neg, etc... on both runs of cable.

At the cost of this cable per foot and the speakers that you are running, you might want to think about three identical runs of this cable per side. After all, you're talking about $2 per foot of cabling for three individual runs. Sean