Triangle BR03 vs B&W 607

Edit: title should say B&W 607
I was wondering if anyone had experience with either the Triangle BR03s or B&W 607s and could give some insight. Im searching for good dynamics but am a little worried about overbearing brightness between the two and am hoping someone could go further into detail about whether or not this is a significant problem for either model or if one stands out as much better, considering their similarities in price and seemingly ability. I was planning on pairing them with an NAD C316BEE and wanted to make sure that was a good match as well as enough power (specifically with the B&Ws, which seem to take more). Thank you!
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Thank you so much (for your advice on both threads)! I feel confident now that the Triangles are the right choice; I agree that the B&Ws sounded a little bright to begin with. I will continue to research integrated amps until the Triangles come in stock to find the best fit- though so far I am very satisfied with the prospect of the NAD C316BEE, so it may end up being the winner. Thank you again!!