Triplanar arm level w/right VTA for ZYX Universe?

For those with this combination, how close to level is the arm tube on your Tri when you feel you have the Universe VTA dialed in right. I would like to know if you feel if the cartridge end is a little up or bit down.

Did you start with it close to level and then go from there?

Thanks for your input.
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for Triplaner set-up these two sources are hard to beat.

Triplaner--ZYX Universe setup

Triplaner Tips

i have just purchased a Triplaner Ultimate myself so i'll likely be using these great resources too.
Tdaudio for me i got VTA as close to level as possible then i started doing a lot of listening and found a sweet spot. When i go to a 180 or 200 gram lp i will up the VTA accordingly.

For me the TriPlanar UNIverse combo is bringing me a musical satisfaction i thought not possible. Tracking distortion is so minimal if any on most lps the joy of vinyl playback is priceless.
I have the ZYX Universe in the 12" DaVinci Grandezza on a Raven AC-3 and I found in comparison to the sound of the Dynavector DV1s on my other arm (Continuum Copperhead), that a better life and balance for the Universe was found to be with an elevated the arm is up at the pivot point rather than level. It doesn't hurt you to try?
Thanks for the input. I could not remember even with all the info I have read on this.

After tweeking other setups over a period of time since getting my new TT I realized I may have lost track of proper VTA since I had also tried a couple record mats.

Well, I did indeed have the pivot too high. I will experiment more, but starting with pivot up a tad and then lowering a bit more made a HUGE improvement. I am very close to level.

Daaa, how long has this been out of wack??? Never hurts to double or triple check everything!!!

Thanks, again