Triton Reference Review

Everyone, I am proud to present my review. Sandy Gross and members of the Golden Ear forum have had the opportunity to read much of this already. Other than that, you are among the first group of kind-folks to read this and rightly so, as we all wouldn't be here if we didn't primarily share the passion for music and secondarily share the desire to reproduce music by obtaining the best speakers and other gear we can from various manufactures whose livelihoods are also connected to this common theme. I sincerely wish everyone the best in their musical endeavors.
Excellent review and congratulations on receiving them first.  Regarding the spikes, I remember reading that the spikes were supposed to be much more substantial, perhaps they cheapened out to keep the price down.  That is a little disappointing to me as I always felt the spikes that came with the Triton Ones were quite flimsy and I was admonished for saying that on the GE forum.  I spoke to my dealer today and nothing yet.  I will be in touch with you over the weekend, and enjoy those babies.  I can't wait to hear my beloved Pink Floyd on mine.

Thank you! In fact I had another poster on the GET forum praising my review.

As to the spikes, I find it interesting that you *read* they were to be more substantial. I do not recall reading this anywhere. I do recall *seeing* the spikes in a video taken at the time of the TR introduction at CES 2017. It was in that portion of the video where the camera was focused on the base that I saw some rather kewl, thick, and substantial spikes. The ones that came with the speaker are not those, unfortunately. As you know, there are after market spikes. Also, in another thread here on the audiogon forum there is some mention of herbies gliders, which I'm considering, after the initial jubilation of new ownership subsides. All in all the spikes provided will do just fine in the interim. 

Thanks for your write-up. Much appreciated.

My primary concern is around the fact that you received your Reference speakers on July 10th. And today is July 12th. I understand the excitement, believe me.... 

Looking forward to  hearing more about how the GE Refs are doing in your system as you spend more time with them.

Understood, and you are most welcome. Excellent point regarding the dating and the fact that my ownership is in its infancy. It is for that reason I chose to post the review on my personal webpage. Namely, so I can edit it at will and independent of this and other sites. Besides the fact that I shall correct the (very) few grammatical errors, I will append the the review over time and more than likely clearly denote any addendum starting at the bottom and with a date heading. 

I’m excited about learning more about the Refs and look forward to your ongoing impressions and findings.

The most important aspect of our hobby is our happiness with and connection to the music delivered by our gear and it’s apparent you are well on your way!!!


Thanks for taking the time to write so extensively on your experience with your new Triton Reference speakers.  I had given a lot of consideration to ordering a pair of the Triton One's a few years ago, but ultimately decided to stick with my Magnepan 1.7's.  

Now that GE has introduced the Reference, I'm turning my eye to them.  I need to drop by my local GE dealer to see if he has a pair in his showroom to audition.  
Hi, and a few questions that I did not read any answers in the review.

Can the T-Ref be bi-amped?

What amp are people using to push these new speakers?

What would Sandy consider to be the best amp for this speaker.

I am an avid home theater guy and am looking to upgrade from my Triton Ones. Love movies and concert blu-rays.

I have the XXL center channel and find it to be not as clean as I would like.

I have 2 choices, one to go from the Ones to the Reference


found some used B&W so wish to

Upgrade Mains from Golden Ear Triton One to B&W Nautilus 800

Upgrade Centre from Golden Ear Supercentre XXL to B&W HTM1D

The challenge, in my eyes, with the 2nd choice is that I am using the Classé 5300 and would bi-amp my front L & R but only have 1 channel left to bi-amp the centre, so would have to get another 3-channel amp to run my lower part of the centre + my 2 rears, as I did not bi-amp the GE Ones, but feel that I should do for the Reference.

The B&W may be a little large for my room (14.5' x 23') but I will have front speakers that will be much more crisp than the Ones that I have now.

Hope to hear from a few GE fans very soon so I can make a decision



Hi Steve. No, the T Refs cannot be bi-amped. Many people are using all kinds of amps, and Sandy would not recommend any one in particular. I encourage you to search for answers to your questions and/or post on the Golden Ear forum here:

The T1s have one set of input terminals and also cannot (and should not) be bi-amped.

On my T references, I used the following amps:  Odyssey Stratos Extreme+++ 160wpc amp, Conrad-Johnson MF2550 250wpc, and McIntosh MC152 amp 150wpc.  I kept the McIntosh and sold the other two.  To my ears, the sound is just right.

I would also keep the Golden Ears, I find the B & W speakers extremely bright and fatigue sets in very quickly.