Trying Bel Canto E1X dac


Im demoing the Bel Canto E1x dac streamer in my home. Comparing it to my PS Audio Directstream. Ive had the directstream for a long time and really like it but can get a great deal on the Bel Canto and Im looking for a change.
Only short listen but 2 very different sounds. 
Anyone have experience with the new Bel Canto. First time I've ever tried this brand

I just ordered it and awaiting for it to arrive. I considered the Directstream. I cannot find any reviews or anything on it. What are your impressions? It is a big leap for me replacing a Elac DDP-2. 

OP how do they compare?  Interested to hear your opinion. What are you using for speakers and amp?
I'm a Bel Canto dealer.....I've been impressed with the E1X lineup so far. The DAC/Streamer is nice, and the Stereo amp is quite good.
I really like it and ended up selling the Directstream.
Both are good but I like the detail and the bigger soundstage of the Bel Canto.
Before that I compared the Bircasti M3 to the Directstream and didnt like the M3 as much. The midrange bothered me.
The Bel Canto has the detail but doesnt sound bright or edgy. It has a very low noise floor that the PS doesn't and sounds neutral without being cold or sterile.
Im using Focal Utopia Scala EVO speakers with a Levinson No534 amp and No523 preamp.