Trying to get a fair value of MIT cables

I have begun downsizing my 5.1 system and have several MIT cables I want to sell, but as opposed to my equipment, I have little information on what these older MIT cables are worth. I was hoping to get some fair estimates here, before putting them up for sale.

I have three speaker cables, used for LCR.

2 MH-750 Plus S3 bi-wire with spades - 12’ - grey
1 MH-750 not bi-wire - 12’ - ivory

I also have these interconnects, all 1m
3 MI-330 Shotguns, Low impedance.
2 MI-330 Series two, Low impedance

And a 1m digital reference interconnect.

If anyone can offer fair values, it would help. I see a bunch on eBay, but none of these specific models, so I don’t want to over (or under) price them.

Thanks all. And Happy Holidays.

Yeah, that's a big part of the problem.  No recollection of what the retail cost was.  
The only value, is the price, that one is willing to pay.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
2 MH-750 Plus S3 bi-wire with spades - 12’ - grey

would you by chance still have these or could tell me what you sold them for Thank YouJohn Yager C: 219-794-4057