Trying to get Dec’d Out

Anyone have first hand experience on the stock versions of the Decware DNA2 and HDT v2 speakers?  I am interested in  building  a pair for fun and wanted to get some input on their sound characteristics. Will be driven by a Decware 20w Torii Jr v2 and an 8w 300b Set in the future.   I posted this question on the Decware forum  but it’s been crickets so far.  Appreciate any input.


You did say "any input".  As to those speakers specifically no, have not used or listened to.  As to transmission line speakers, yes.  What you are looking at is a higher grade than what I did.  I wanted a all in system for under $300, that I could keep outside and not worry about.  I constructed a pair of speakers from 6" pvc plumbing pipes that necked down to a reduced 3" and ported to the rear, using 6" full range single drivers.  What you pick up with the individual driver on efficiency is wonderful.  The bottom end picked up using the horn is wonderful and you wouldn't believe it is coming from a 6".  The bottoms are not punchy or thudding but more of a nicely rounded reach around grab.  Kind of weird that it almost sounds tube like using a cheap class d amp.  I also built some folded horn speakers for my son.  They sounded much bigger than they were.  They were also very ugly, but that's only because of me. 

So, you got Steve Deckert representing some speakers he designed and he's the guy that built and designed your amp.  Hmm...  I know when I bought my Decware SE34I, I talked to him for a solid hour and have had zero regrets.  You might want to get on the call back list and talk to Steve.  He will go through the music you like, volume levels etc..  He knows your amps sound and what speakers he loves to go with them.  The fact that you are a return customer as well.  I had a friend that tried to pick up the Lii S10's but there was an issue on the order as this is an outside company.