Trying to weigh options...very old external studio DAC

I have an external USB sound card that has some ancient Cirus DAC chip.It is one of these studio style boxes with line inputs and headphone input and 1/4 inch outputs for powered monitors balanced or not.
The line inputs don’t really work anymore and I used to use them for vinyl ripping, which I don’t care about anymore since I’m playing vinyl a lot. I also don’t know at the moment if the drivers on this box from 2005 work on Windows 10. I made it through XP and 7 for years but who knows now.
Here are the benefits of what I have. Plays all my pc sounds through installed driver. Can have monitors and headphones running at the same time and just lower volume on one if not needed.  Physical volume knobs. 

Downside is headphone input not amplified. I run 50 ohm headphones no issues. But 150 or higher isn’t going to work well. Since my phones are almost 14 years old I’ve been eyeing a better upgrade and the Schitt stack. But will that stack or similar run my monitors too? And native pc sounds? I am not set on these exact speakers they are huge 8 inch woofers and produce a lot of heat.But definitely don’t want to go back to onboard sound as having the volume control manual on my desk is also a plus. So if anyone got away from studio to audiophile, I’d appreciate your input.