TT cable question

Hello.  Do I need both sets of IC cables to be grounded?  One from my TT to the phono preamp and the 2nd from the phono preamp to my preamp? Is that the way it works? 


If you are in single-ended mode using RCA termination, then you do not have to worry about a separate ground between phono and linestage. The interconnection does that. However you likely but not always need a separate ground wire between tonearm and phono. It serves to provide earth ground between phono chassis and TT or tonearm. Many but not all dedicated phono ICs provide that ground wire as a separate wire with a forklike connector that goes to the ground lug on your phono stage.

Ya know, I wanted to call it a "spade lug", but then I started to think about spade connectors and was fearful of misleading the OP.  "Fork-like" is vivid, I thought.