TT for OL Silver/ Shelter 501

I am thinking of getting an OL silver tonearm and Shelter 501 cartridge. From what I've read the price/performance of these is hard to beat. Now I have to consider a TT. I'm considering maybe a Final Tool, Teres, or even a Scout and have the OL arm mounted on it as a cheaper alternative if this is possible. I was wondering how much an impact on sound quality the choice of TT will have in relation to the impact of the arm/cartridge and if anyone has any thoughts on the Scout/OL/Shelter combination.Thanks.
Well, the OL Silver arm and Shelter 501 are both excellent products, and they will go a long way to ensuring good sound out of whichever TT you put them on.

You must bear in mind one of the cardinal rules of analog. That is, that in order of importance for sound quality, the TT is most important, the arm second, and the cartridge third. The lower you stoop at the TT level, the worse performance you will get out of the arm and cartridge that you have fitted.

A simple Rega RB250 with a Denon cartridge on a Teres or a TNT or a Verdier, will sound much better than the finest arm/cartridge combination in the world mounted on a Rega P3. The former package complies with analog hierarchy rules, and the latter violates it. Simple. This has been proven many years ago. Still holds true.

I recommend the OL Silver and Shelter 501 commonly here as very good items for the money. But they are not miracle-workers. The TT that you put them on will ultimately determine how good they will be overall. The better TT you put them on, the better sound you will get.

Following this hierarchy, the TT is the worst place to cut for budget. If you must cut for budget, the best place would be at the cartridge, and provide more money for a better TT. The cartridge is a wear item, and is expendable, while the TT/arm are not nearly so.

I'd recommend the purchase of either of the better TTs that you have listed, and cutting cost on the cartridge. Then step up to the 501 when it is time to replace the first cartridge. That is the sensible progression to take, and will ensure the best performance of the items you have purchased.
Tom wanted to say get the Teres, silver, and the 501.
He is right about the cardinal rules of analog, as he puts it. Save your money and do it right the first time. You will be money ahead and have no regrets.

but some dumb ass named Inna told him, (Twl) last week to "stop promoting what you have,will you. We know your opinion;if you could sometimes just be quiet and listen to others".

Maybe I am one of the others, if you are like me and A little strapped for cash, the new Origin Live Aurora is a good choice. That is the Table I just purchased with the Silver arm and the shelter 501 MKII. Yes I am promoting the table I have. Inna do you think it would be good advice to tell Bobbob to buy something I wouldn't, or would you suggest I tell Bobbob to consider a turntable I own, know it sounds great, and probably one of the best values out there now,(besides the Teres of course).

Bobbob continue to research your new purchase. This thread is a good idea . If not for Audiogon the only products some of us would know about, would be those manufactures with big advertising accounts, that can get a good review in the few HI FI rags out there.

Since I found audiogon, I don't read my Stereophile and Absolute sound cover to cover, over and over like I have been doing for the last 30 years. This is such a cool place.

How about Michell Gyro SE? Cool looking, great performer, and excellent match for the OL arm and Shelter 501. Of course this also depends on what phonostage you use.

A fellow local audiophile will be having the proprietor of Redpoint/Teres over at his place next weekend. He will have the Teres table side by side with his Gyro SE + Rega arm hooked up to an all SET system. So we will have first hand experience on how these two tables compare.

P.S. I'm a biased Michell owner. (Orbe SE + SME V + Shelter 901 + ARC PH3 SE with Amperex 7308 USN tubes)


Please let us know how the shoot out goes between Teres/Gyro.
I myself have Gyrodec(bronze addition) with QC + Shelter 901(and few other more) + SME arms + ARC PH3 SE with many mod. From what I heard of Teres and Rega arm in another setup in another person's house, I'm very happy with my set up. Since I did not get to hear it side by side in my system and set up, I still can't say one table set up was better than another in even field.

On ARC PH3SE tubes, try 6DJ8 version of Amperex Holland or Siemens Germany. I have tried 6DJ8/6922/7308 of both makers and I prefer the sound of 6DJ8s(on both versions) over the 6922/7308 counter parts of same makers.

Thanks for the recommendation on the tubes. I went through this exercise last year with my preamp (ARC LS2B MkII) trying over 15 different tubes. I just got tired so haven't done that with the PH3 yet. I took out the Sovteks and just plugged in the 7308s. I've got huge stock of various 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes. Which 6DJ8s have you tried on the PH3?


I have trided Amperex(Bugle boy) 6DJ8's, Mullard 6DJ8s(RCA branded, made in GB) Siemens 6DJ8s(RCA branded), Siemens ECC88s with gold pins, Amperex A frame ECC88s, and Philips A frame ECC88s. For comparason, I have tried Amperex USN 6922(US made), Amperex E88CC(Holland made), Siemens E88CC(Germany), Amperex E188CC(Holland), Siemens E188CC(Germany), and Philips E188CC(Holland). Equipments I used these tubes are LS15 and PH3SE by ARC(both of them with significant resistor/capacitor upgrades). Also when I had enough tubes, I also used them in S.F. Power 2 and compared them for amplifer usage(only have done in Amperex Bugle boys 6DJ8s, Siemens ECC88s with gold pins, Amperex E88CC, and Siemens E88CC.)

For all three brandes, Amperex, Siemens, Philips, 6DJ8s or ECC88s sounded the best compared to their 6922/7308/E88CC/E188CC counterparts(I did not have set of Philips 6922s), very subtle but noticeable. I'm in process of getting some Mullard 6922s to compare the sound with RCA branded Mullard 6DJ8s.