Tube amp with KEF Reference 1

Budget is under 5k
i prefer tube sound over solid state hence why I want tubes even though these are difficult to drive loudspeakers 
room is small 13x10
Logical choice to me seems like don Sachs kt88 power amplifier, 65wpc and massive output transformers for good bass (I think)

just wondering what you guys thought 

Music Reference RM-200 Mk.2. $8,000 new, so look for a used one. Good luck, it's a keeper!

I used 20 watt Cary CAD 572 SE monoblocks to drive KEF LS50s that have a sensitivity rating of 85 dB, the same as the Ref 1s.  I thought the pairing sounded very good, with a broad and deep soundstage.  I hope to try those amps with my Ref 1s as an alternate to the Ayre VX-5/20.
Have you considered the Masters BoX? I think this would be an excellent match. It’s parallel single ended but has the ability to handle tougher loads without much if any issue. 

I dont think your speakers would be a tough load on a tube amp. The impedance has a bigger impact on them than the sensitivity as it taxes the transformers far more.  
I think perhaps a diraclive minidsp unit with a custom target curve will probably result in a better (and more configurable) sound.
You need to look at the Soundstage review and measurements on that speaker as they are nowhere near 85db efficient.  I had a friend that owned a pair and gave up on trying to find even a SS amp powerful enough to drive them and deal with their impedance dips.  I would think for a tube amp big enough to drive them you would be well into five figures unless you can get one of the big Rogue amps to work.  I would call Mark or Dennis at Rogue and ask them if something like the ST-100 would work as new it is under your budget.