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Great deal on some Salks . . .
Doesn't Revel F228Be use similar drivers from SB Acoustics? Could be a killer speaker at this price. (If it's really $5k a pair...) 
Usher DMD tweeter upgrade: worth it?
The original (BE) tweeter was titanium and measured fairly flat and seemed a pretty competent tweeter, it's only issue was dispersion above 5K narrows because it's a 1.25-inch tweeter. The new (DMD) tweeter is ceramic which is theoretically a bett... 
The Audeze of speakers
Audeze house sound is extremely thick sounding lower mids and lows. For a 2 channel monitor sized speaker uou would need an extremely high performance woofer, like one of those 800-1000$/pair accutons that could handle being EQed to that extent wi... 
Dynaudio Special 40 in the house
The special 40 is supposed to have the most advanced tweeter they have right now until the new Confidence line comes out. Dynaudio has said it has a lot of the technologies in the esotar3. So I’m not surprised it sounds very smooth. 
Why price of Tannoy speakers from online retailers in UK is cheaper than in US
@shadorne 25% makes sense, KEF speakers sells for about 25% more in in the US than in the UK. 
Small drivers vs big drivers
Bass frequencies are generally omnidirectional and most driver’s don’t have a problem with bass dispersion. Differences in soundstage between speakers is mostly something that happens in the upper midrange and highs, so this is mostly about the tw... 
Scansonic MB2.5 floor stander speaker. Does it complete with often speaker at $3500??
Well...the problem with Raidho is there is a equally performing ribbon tweeter called the RAAL ribbon (140-15 and 70-20) which isn’t that expensive, and there are quite a few ID speakers with flagship RAAL tweeters and Scanspeak Revelator/Accuton ... 
New speakers? No thanks.
Could it be expectation bias too? If you listen to one pair of speakers for a long time you might get used to the sound and not want something different. 
What is the best USED Speaker Under $10,000
@steve59 there is a new Confidence line so I expect the prices of the previous generation to crater.Dynaudio uses 1st order crossovers so the sweet spot tends to be pretty small. They sort of off-set this with a relatively lower crossover point of... 
Bookshelf speakers for near-field (desktop) use
@lovepianos Revel M105 would be much better than the M106. Both use a 2.3KHz crossover point, but the M105 is a 5" woofer whereas the M106 is a 6.5" woofer. To get the same directivity as a 5" woofer with a 2.3KHz crossover the 6.5" would need to ... 
A little Patience sometimes pays off! (Kef LS50 content)
I suspect part of it is the fact that most people have different music tastes than the typical audio reviewer. Modern music tends to be a lot more bass heavy, and 2-way coaxials have problems with doppler shift as the mid/woofer ends up being a mo... 
Who are some of elite sub woofers?
Jl fathom  amps seem to have a lot of issues, lots of people report them dying quickly. 
What's happened to the used high end market recently?? Sales are tough....:0(
@writer2 Price is definitely part of it. I see vintage speakers listed at higher speakers than they were listed/selling for back in 2008-2010. One one end there's been a lot of inflation, on the other end a lot of people don't believe in paying mo... 
Advice on bookshelf speakers (Sierra 2, Buchardt, Monitor Audio, LS50)
I believe RAAL ribbon's vertical dispersion is competitive with a dome tweeter with the foam inserts. I dont know if you can buy those separately though, you might have to contact RAAL in Serbia directly. 
How do I get a speaker with the bass slam of my el cheapo ear buds...?
If you want slam you need multiple ported subs. It's not hard to pressurize your ear canal, but pressurizing a large room requires logarithmically larger amount of power and excursion.