Tube Complement in Cronus Black ?

Has anyone here ordered a Cronus Black? or do you know which tubes are part of the upgrade package?


Do you mean the “ Dark “ upgrade ? Although the specific tubes are not listed, the upgrades are listed on their Upgrades page. They state the signal tubes are upgraded but don’t specify brand. On other models that use the same tubes, they are usually nos Tekefunken and RCA. The JJ’s their stuff ships with to me are poor sounding. I’d suggest contacting them by email and verifying or ask one of their distributors. Happy Hunting , Mike B. 

Yeah Mike The Cronos dark details are being held close to their chest. As far as upgrading specifics go circuitboard this /circuit board that depending on what model upgrade. But ordering new is what I was thinking about. Maybe every unit will be custom in someway, but after looking at as much information as I could find, it will still be a solid state phono section still not 100% integrated as a tube amplifier. The other huge improvement is to the headphone section which I won’t be using. I will be getting a Cronos magnum soon. Detail still being worked out, my intention is to pair it with the Ares phono pre-amplifier. P.S. I did find a thread about Tube rolling in an earlier Cronos amplifier. It might not even have been a Magnum. It was very interesting because they didn’t use KT 120s. Everything was less power if I can find it I’ll post it here.
Here’s the details on the dark that I got from a review. It’s like a magical mystery tour.



Special Dark Upgrades


Whether your sources are digital or analog, the Cronus Dark will deliver an even more realistic and immersive experience. The upgrades are substantial. They consist of 25% more capacitance in the power supply, upgraded signal tubes, upgraded OP Amps in the phono stage, upgraded binding posts, and upgraded caps and resistors in numerous key locations.

Rogue Audio is leaving us somewhat in the dark as far as specifics regarding some of these upgraded Dark components. But ask yourself, does a master chef reveal every ingredient of a top-end culinary masterpiece? The results are what’s important. Trust Rogue Audio to follow the tradition of its other over-the-top Dark Version components and deliver absolutely outstanding performance that will take your breath away.

Pure Tube Design

The Cronus Dark outperforms other integrated amps costing many times more. The pure tube design provides a smooth, almost liquid sound that has made this amp a reviewer favorite. With circuitry borrowed from Rogue Audio’s most advanced amplifier designs, the Cronus Dark’s 100WPC power delivery effortlessly reproduces even the most demanding musical passages.

A Triode / Ultralinear switch allows for on-the-fly switching between Ultralinear operation and pure triode. Ultralinear offers the most power and a commanding grip on the bass, while triode provides a slightly softer and more romantic sound.

The Cronus Dark uses a triode preamplifier coupled to Rogue Audio’s excellent Atlas Magnum power amplifier. A large oversized linear power supply stores tremendous energy for low frequency response and dynamic headroom. The tube circuitry is cutting edge with short signal paths exacted in a low noise design. Finally, precision components are used to provide the transparency and air that are so critical to accurate musical reproduction.

Extraordinary Phono Stage

For vinyl enthusiasts, the phono section excels with both MM and MC cartridges. Two gain settings provide for 45dB and 60dB of gain so you can now use either high or low output cartridges. The phono also has five individual load settings so you can fine tune the phono for optimal results.

Additionally, the line stage has an amazingly low noise floor for a completely black background for your listening.

Premium Headphone Circuit

The premium headphone circuit is based around MOSFET buffers capable of massive current sourcing. The design is basically a simplified single ended version of Rogue Audio’s RH-5 headphone amplifier and puts out enough power to drive the most difficult headphones for clean crisp personal

They are providing Psvane Art series tubes with the Cronus Dark. I just had my Cronus Magnum upgraded to Dark. Incredible! Well worth it.

from @bajaed They are providing Psvane Art series tubes with the Cronus Dark. I just had my Cronus Magnum upgraded to Dark. Incredible! Well worth it.

I'm thinking I'm going to be ordering it new, but I will need more details.