Tube preamp for pass labs ?

I recently bought a brand new Pass Labs x250.8. It seems to be finally broke in after about 800 hours. I’m using a good preamp, the BAT VK-33se. I’m curious what other tube preamps others are using with this amp? 
one thing I did was bought inexpensive Wireworld stratus power cables on Sale for $116 shipped brand new for amp, preamp, dac, and server. They seem to have helped settle my system down quite a bit. I really like these inexpensive cords. 
but, again what tube preamps are you owners of the 250.8 using?

TIA for any info given. 


I also enthusiastically recommend Aric Audio and his tube preamps! Hell, all his gear for that matter. Before moving to Coda, I paired The Motherlode with a pair of Pass XA60.8's and the results were amazing. I still have not replaced The Motherlode Preamp in my current reference rack, while all other components have turned over. Call him! His gear and customer service is exemplary in their offerings.

To my understanding, the Pass Labs amps support AES48, the balanced line standard. This standard has two benefits audiophiles might like. The first is that it prevents ground loops. The second is it prevents the interconnect cable introducing a sound of its own. This means an inexpensive cable can sound as good as one that cost $1000/foot.

But to get that benefit, the preamp must also support AES48. There are tube preamps that do this and a few solid state as well. IME most of the high end audio market is ignoring AES48 so you get this argument that single-ended operation can sound just as good as balanced. But when you hear a balanced setup done properly you find there's no going back.

Another fan of Aric Audio and Pass Labs.  I used the Aric Motherlode XL with my Pass X260.8 and XA60.8 amps.  I loved the sound so much that I now use Aric tube amps as well. Great build quality, sound, and customer service.

And one more nomination for Aric Audio. I have his Motherlode II paired with a First Watt J2. In my secondary system I have an older Aric Audio Unlimited paired with a First Watt F5. Both systems put a smile on my ears day after day.  Aric is really great to work with.