Tube preamp or SS for NAD S200

Hi, i am looking for the perfect preamp for my NAD S200 amp.
Any comments for tube preamp , or it's better to run with the NAD S100 ??
Thanks in Advanced
This is a great amp and before you run out and throw your money away on a high dollar preamp try the Antique sound labs AQ-2004 DT preamp.This 3 tube wonder will add just the right amount of warmth needed and get this NEW at $299.00.I own 2 of these myself.
Hi, a question : How is your base ? The amp is not sensitive and needs high signal to be driven correctly.
I tried a tube pre ( croft vitale ) and there was no drive and no base.Another one : what do you need the 2 of these ?
I own the S100/S200 combo and they sounded great!!!..I think
the S100 sounded really warm and nice.