Tube sound is not about warmth. It's about correct presentation.

Agreed ? Disagreed ? Both ?




Correct presentation ? Presentation of music that touches your spirit ? Of course, this would be worked out in individual systems of particular design, physical materials used, and component synergy -- inside eqpt. as well as unit to unit-- as suggested by others here.

With very good SS and tube amp designs we are surely in the realm of subtlety, but I find this to be crucial.

Listening to LP’s with fast, transparent Decca cartridges, Transformer Volume Control and 104dB single driver horns, I hear the very slightly greater separation of instruments and information of SS with a First Watt J2, yet the large bottle glass AD1 tubes in my Yamamoto 4w + 4w SET give very nearly this level of abundant detail, equal or greater soundstage, and fully natural and organic sound. This effects what I seek which is to be immersed in and deeply connected to music.

It seems too obvious to state that the different physical materials of glass and metals of tubes, and the materials of SS devices, will inevitably sound different. Of course, preference for one or the other (or each, for different moods, or programme material) seems in the realm of taste, as for different wines, beers, and all the rest.

Not here to disparage the SS camp,  perhaps our ears and perceptions allow us different avenues to the gratification  of well produced musical reproduction. The Bob Carver interview was enlightening. Never knew of his depth of knowledge as to the auditory process and ability to create amplification that our ears would find appealing. 

Well, there’s Bob Carver’s take, here’s Nelson Pass’ thoughts on the topic (and somewhere here, or another forum, someone shared the actual schematic for the project should someone feel like building a do-it-yourself distortion unit to a SS amp):

I don't pretend to know anything anymore.... BUT I have heard great sounding SS amps and horrible sounding Tube amps.  So many other things to consider (source, speakers, room, desired tone, genre of music etc.).  There doesn't always have to be a "one or the other".  Keep in mind, the quest for "live" music feel is chasing tone.  All PA systems are SS reproducing "some" tone amplifiers (guitar,bass,keys etc") and presented on loudspeakers.  Of course if you are chasing the sound of an acoustic guitar, horns or vocals that are standing in your living room, that is another desire.  

Like I said, I don't pretend to know anything anymore.  But I know what I like. 😁✌🏻

I’ve had mostly good tube equipment over many years w/ some good solid state mixed in between & what I’ve noticed generally is that tube electronics do a better job of giving each instrument or vocal more space & air around it creating a better 3 dimensional illusion. With tubed equipment, The frequency extremes probably aren’t as extended, dynamics may not be as good ( although easily ameliorated) w/ an efficient speaker), tubes die & can be noisy, tubes get hot etc but w/ the right system, generally sound to me closer to live music & are more enjoyable.