Tube Testers? Are There Any New Ones To Consider?

I know you can buy used tube testers through various sources, I'm not sure of the quality or longevity of these units though.

So, can anyone recommend any new tube testers that could test Power tubes like KT-120 or Preamps tubes like 12AX7, 12AT7?


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Not sure if the Ampltrex is still in business. There is no phone number listed and have had no reply to my query through the website.


I did finally connect.

The price of some of these units is amazing. The Amplitrex unit is about $3200 and at least a 4 week wait.


Space tech Labs makes a few different tube testers, I think he has one model that will test the 120/150 and most of the preamp tubes.


I was interested in the Space Tech until I found that they will not accept PayPal, credit cards or checks, only Bank transfers paid to the Canada enterprise.

Sorta limits my options.