tubes for phono section

I recently purchased new turntable after living w/out one for 4 years. I was wondering if anyone has any tube preferances for the phono section of my conrad-johnson PV10A?
I have SFP1 and I am also looking to replace the tubes. Anyone have a suggestion? Sovtek, Gold Aero??
You can never go wrong with Telefunken small-signal tubes- of course, they are very expensive, especially for NOS ones. Other good tubes like Mullard, Amperex Bugle Boy (both before the 1970's) and RCA black plate (1950's) should also be considered. As for SFP-1, I think it uses 6DJ8/ECC88- Siemens should be good too for this family of tubes.
Best replacements for 6DJ8: Sovtek 6922, Tesla ECC88 and Amperex 7803 However, Sovtek is supposed to have the less noise, so it is probably better suited to a phono stage.