Tubes for the Manley 250


Has anyone tried tubes other than what Manley sends with the Neo Classie 250? I am interested in your input on this topic.

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Try imputing the type of tubes into the Audiogon for sale search engine and then follow the links. There is an amazing education and it is better than I expected.

Enjoy the ride. It is a good one.
A few months ago I was thinking about buying some used Neo-Classic 250s.  I called the Manley repair guy (in Arizona) to ask him about the serial number of the amps (when they were manufactured, any updates since then, etc.).  I also asked him if there were any common problems that the 250s had.  He said the most common problems with the 250s is tubes.  He highly recommended using the factory recommended tubes.  He has seen other tubes take out resisters and capacitors and it gets very costly.

If you're considering other tubes than the Tung Sol EL34, I would recommend calling Manley first.