Tuner choice

I know no one is interested in tuners given streaming etc and on and on, but I moved to a place with some excellent radio stations and I think having a tuner would work for me. I got one for free from my brother, a 70s vintage Dynaco kit and it seemed to warm up over time without any repairs etc. although the light is out and gauge doesn’t seem to work. Muting is not functioning but once on a station it brings in some pleasant sound.
On the other hand, I see old units on eBay that are low cost, some say tested, mint condition, etc. so would it be worth a couple hundred dollars to have a different tuner? Or is the Dynakit not a bad vintage tuner and if it’s working, I’d be smart to stick with it? Any suggestions for replacements worth the change?



I decided to go for a Sansui TU-717. It had been refurbished so not a bargain, but the guy seemed to have good reviews and a reliable vintage piece of equipment seems sensible. I’ll report back about sound. I’m a little worried because there seems to be some disagreement about recapping tuners, like all things audiophile, but again, he seemed to know what he was doing. He said he did the following:

All the Electrolytic Capacitors were changed and all switches, RCA jacks, and fuse holders were cleaned with contact cleaner. 

So, here’s hoping,


@lynnj I’d appreciate it if you could provide your thoughts here on the Sansui TU-717 after you have had a sufficient listening honeymoon.

Because it is supposed to be very good. So it is understandable that you may have high expectations. I know I would.

I don’t pretend to know much about refurbishments except that what your technician did seems quite modest and prudent.

Yesterday I read on the fmtunerinfo website the refurbishment carried out on my model of tuner (Yamaha T-85) I was quite astonished. Wow. It was quite an overhaul and in my opinion something that only a committed specialist would be able to achieve, and perhaps only what a dedicated enthusiast would require.

Well the Sansui TU-717 is not disappointing in any way. I guess I’ve never had a good tuner so this is like a revelation that radio can be more than background music. This has stage depth, clear and not noisy. When there is static the noise reduction works fine without loss of sound. I’m really shocked at the whole effect. 

I'm running it through an exposure integrated amp. Speakers are old Chicago Speakerworks 2ways. This is so much fun. Thanks for your suggestions, resources and perspectives.