tuner upgrade expertise needed

Don Scott informs me that he is no longer modding tuners (much to my dismay).
So I am seeking referrals for repair + upgrade of a 4 year old Magnum Dynalab MD102 solid-state tuner.
Don Scott’s mod’s include:
power supply, audio output IC and caps, better IF filters, modification of the blend circuit

A forum archive search has found:
referral to TRL (what is TRL and how do I contact?).
referral to Joseph Chow.
referrals on FMtunerinfo.com website to:
Audio Video Service Labs
Bill Ammons at Antenna Performance Specialties

Regarding tuner upgrades: has anyone dealt with any of the above (or others)?
Whom is considered most recommended for this work?
any opinions are appreciated - thanks, Bob B.
I highly recommend Joseph Chow. He worked with the great tuner disigners and companies, and has many years experience rebuilding and modifying tuners. His work is also reasonably priced.
I had Joseph Chow do a tuner mod on a Marantz I had and does a very great and extensive rebuild .He is very cooperative on the phone and enjoys talking to his customers directly which is very refreshing indeed.I posted a Marantz 120 Tuner that I sold on this web site with all of the mod work he did to the unit.I highly recommend him.You will be very happy with the results.
I, too, am distressed to hea rthat Don is no longer doing mods. He did agreat job fo rme previuosly. I'd like to haev a Sony ST-5950 aligned, refurbished and "optimized". Any other suggestions of modders or contact info for any previuosly mentioned?